Santa Baby: Candice’s Top Gift Picks for a Merry Christmas

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Every year, a friend always asks for suggestions on what to get their boo for Christmas. Normally, I ask them if they’ve been paying attention to conversations or social media posts because we will ALWAYS tell you what we want for Christmas. But, if you’re still stuck- here’s a list of a few things to help you out!


Folks underestimate the importance of lip liners. From getting a precision look to creating some bomb ombres, lip liners are my saving grace. Despite loving them as much as we do, sisters often don’t think to buy them and there’s nothing worse than going to reach for deep mauve and it’s not there. THE AGONY! Be the best bae ever and put 5 or 10 lip liners in her stocking! The liner game has evolved tremendously and every beauty brand has them but my ride or die, tried and true is NYX Cosmetics’ Slim Lip Pencil. It never lets me down! You can purchase NYX at Ulta, CVS, Target, Walgreen’s and your local beauty supply store. It’s pretty much everywhere!


Sisters are on the yoni wave and loving ourselves beyond our wildest dreams! Admittedly, I was skeptical when I first heard about the coveted steam. But BAAAAABY- after my first one, I became addicted. Now, a yoni steam is mandatory after every menstrual cycle and has become a part of my “Come Through&Chill” preparation. Many yoni steams are performed in spas so call bae’s favorite and see if you can add the service. I purchase mine from OMG Wellness Bar (use the code “redlip” and get 20% off steams) and do them at home with this toilet tub. Either way, it’s a divine experience! However, you might want to tell her I suggested this. Giving your girl a yoni steam without explanation might get you in trouble and nobody wants to be in the doghouse at Christmas!


For whatever reason, folks sleep on Sephora’s products. I think it’s because we tend to see any store’s brand as lesser quality. But with Sephora, that’s not the case. These palettes!!! Sephora Pro Palettes are amazing! If you’re looking for a quality product that’s well worth the money (you’re getting 28 shades for $68!), look no further! Whether for transition colors or to create complete looks, I’m always reaching for one of my Pro palettes! And since compared to other palette price points, she probably wouldn’t consider purchasing it for herself. Put it under the tree and win Bae of the Year! Top Three: New Nudes, Warm and Editorial.


Why do we underestimate the power of bundles as a gift?! Seriously. Why?! I long for the Christmas morning I wake up to my stocking stuffed with the tresses of 4 or 5 Cambodian sisters who did it for the culture! Whether your girl wears sew-ins, wigs/units, crochets or box braids, she will tell you that having hair on hand is a blessing…especially when all you may have enough money for at the time is an install! Get her enough bundles for a style or two. If she’s been dropping hints that she wants to make the switch to single sourced raw hair but can’t afford it, surprise her and check out Yummy Extensions and Ondibu Hair- their holiday sales make it more affordable than any other time of the year. But listen- if all your girl wears is braids and twists, you’re going to have to pair that gift with something else. For $3.99 a pack and you bought 6, I’m going to need you to get her a Pro palette and a YSL lip stain. That Bourgogne Alternatif is a WHOLE mood!


Nothing screams bougie Black girl like a cabinet full of skincare products. There’s literally a product for everything!! In January, I’m going to share my personal glow up regimen but you can start helping your boo build hers this Christmas. Is she into SheaMoisture? Fill her stocking with it. Does she like LUSH bath bombs? Get her four, her favorite candle, bottle of wine and make a basket! If you REALLY wanna win, buy her a bottle of that SK-II Facial Treatment Essence! No, none of us know exactly what it really does but we can tell a very real difference in our skin because of it! Full disclosure: my go-to is Tatcha’s Essence Plumping Skin Softener.


Much like lip liners, folks underestimate the importance of having plenty beauty blenders and sponges on hand. Last year, I started purchasing them in bulk from Amazon. Stuffing her stocking with some of these or adding them as a filler to a larger makeup gift is a real plus. And we all love makeup brushes!!! While you can buy brushes just about anywhere these days, quality is important. When I was starting out, I bought cheap brushes and I kept buying cheap brushes over and over again because they were either falling apart or were just bad. But, when you know better, you do better. Today, I’ve customized my makeup brush set to include the specific ones I love from Sephora (their PRO Collection), Morphe (also available at Ulta), Sigma and Bdellium Tools (also available on Amazon)!


LISSEN. There is no better feeling than sitting at a place especially crafted for your beauty time! Personally, I’m trying to create my own Slaystation! And if you’ve been complaining about getting your sink back, you might want to see this as an investment in your own wellness and self-care! If you want to go all out, consider something along the lines of this coveted table from IKEA, this storage unit from Michael’s, vanity mirror (here’s a DIY video that I keep eyeing. My uncles don’t know it yet but we’re doing this while I’m home for Christmas) and a cute chair! If that’s beyond your budget or all your girl needs is storage, consider these from Amazon. They’re perfect and you can customize for her desired effect. Then head over to Wayfair or Etsy to get some cute cosmetic décor to add the final touches!


Whether she rocks bundles or her own, Black girls love curls! And all curls are not created equally! There are some looks that are best suited for wand curlers and flexi rods! Get her a good wand curler (or curling iron, if that’s what she’s been asking) so she can stop watching YouTube trying to figure out where she went wrong! I’ve been eyeing the Xtava 5 in 1 Curling Wand and Iron Set and the Hotmitt 5 in 1 Curling Wand Set, available on Amazon. They’re affordable and give you various size wands to create different looks. If your girl is #TeamNoHeat, flexi rods included in a larger gift are always the way to go!


There’s a washing machine for makeup brushes and IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!!! I dreaded cleaning my brushes so much so that I’d go buy brushes before I’d spend hours at a sink washing them one by one. Last year, I bought the Lilumia 2 as a Christmas present for myself and it singlehandedly redeemed the brush washing experience for me. I don’t know about other brands (and there are plenty out there) but Lilumia devices only work with their special formulated cleaner liquid and I love that as much as I love the machine itself. My brushes always come out clean and ready to use. Full disclosure: large foundation and powder brushes won’t fit in the machine but, when you don’t have to wash the rest of your brushes by hand, it’s a fair compromise.


Is there anything else to really say?! Whether makeup or lingerie, Sis really has made it easy for you to win! If you lose, it’s because you wanted to. As a matter of fact, you should probably stop reading right now and head to Sephora, Fenty and Savage and pray everything hasn’t been snatched up yet!